Our Services

Working with either large or small clients, Karlin+Pimsler is driven to do one thing and one thing only, scale your business.

What We Do

Creative Strategy

Hands-on thinking by the most experienced creative minds.

You'll benefit from K+P's practical knowledge in developing ad strategy. After all, we learned from direct marketing royalty; Wunderman, Oglivy and Draft.

Creative Development

Creating results-driven brand building product experiences.

Tapping the hearts and minds of consumers and constantly in pursuit of surprising executions that yield overwhelming results.

Video Production

All video production is handled in-house, so our vision is the final product.

Keeping production costs at its lowest is a Karlin+Pimsler priority. Every production dollar spent is evident on the screen.

Karlin+Pimsler is a creative boutique like no other creative/production company. Every TV project on this website, as well as all radio and web videos have been created, written and developed by Mal Karlin and Steve Pimsler. No one else. Bait and switch is practiced by virtually every agency and production company in the industry.  Agencies and media agencies that offer creative, rely heavily on junior staff or freelancers but still promote their product as their own. In some cases the writers have left the company long ago but their commercial still remains on the company reel.

"Working with Karlin+Pimsler is like a masterclass in direct marketing." -B.G/GreenPath Science

Why us?

Production Values

We pride ourselves on the high quality and the low cost of our productions. Because everything is done in-house, we eliminate much of the 3rd party markup.

Direct Marketing Experts

It is said; "if you think it's expensive to hire a professional just wait until you hire an amateur".

Senior Creative

We understand the importance of communicating a brands unique value proposition. People buy benefits over features.