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Karlin+Pimsler is considered to be one of the most respected, highly regarded DRTV creators by Direct Response Magazine, DR media agencies, clients and competitors alike. A multi-award winning Direct Response TV, Radio and digital video content production company that is known for their outstanding “break-through the clutter” creative solutions. Karlin+Pimsler prides itself on helping clients at any budget level, quantify and increase the value of their advertising while delivering amazing customer experiences. Karlin+Pimsler believes it's the idea that moves people to take action, not lights, camera, action.

Founded in 1995 by Mal Karlin and Steve Pimsler, former creative directors from top-tier Direct Response agencies (Wunderman, Draft and Ogilvy). Strategic experts who have created winning direct-mail programs for clients like Apple, AT&T, American Express, US Army, United HealthCare and many other Fortune 500 companies - then in 2001 taking all that learning and translating it into DRTV. Transforming the brand value of their clients products and the personal fortunes of their stakeholders. All by using their solid foundation in direct mail, plus their innate ability to think out of the box, K+P has been creating the most surprising, iconic, actionable content that resonates with prospects in the form of the moving image.

Karlin+Pimsler is the creator of the most recognized, longest running, iconic commercial on television to date (according to Advertising Age). The JG Wentworth, 877-CASH-NOW, Opera commercial has been running without interruption for over 15 years with many iterations using the same jingle.

The Karlin+Pimsler differentiation is offering the vast experience of big agency creative talent without the big agency expense. Masterly taking complex, low-interest or lesser-known brands and transform them into brands people talk about and desire.

"Working with Karlin+Pimsler is not transactional it's transformational." - CMO/ British Airways

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